REAL TALK Full Episode #2: Top 5 Rappers? Best Lyricist? Most Original rapper?

In this episode of REAL TALK🗣️, I go into my TOP 5 FAVORITE RAPPERS , discuss who’s the best lyricist in the game, and more!

Top 101 Songs of 2017 & Playlist

At What Cost by GoldLink was one of my most anticipated albums coming into 2017 after GoldLink’s 2016 effort And After That We Didn’t Talk. GoldLink met and exceeded my expectations with At What Cost, dropping song of the year “Crew” with DMV-family Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy and another top 20 song in “Summatime” featuring Wale and Radiant Children.

1. Goldlink f/ Shy Glizzy & Brent Fayiaz – “Crew” (Teddy Walton)
2. Sampha – “Timmy’s Prayer” (Rodaidh McDonald & Kanye West)
3. Sampha – “Blood On Me” (Rodaidh McDonald)


Top non-Rap albums, 2017

Process by Sampha is my #1 Album of the Year across all genres and it has remained at that #1 spot ever since its release way back in February. unchallenged. When “Timmy’s Prayer” leaked late-2015, many speculated that Sampha would go on to create an exceptional, top 5 album. Lo and behold, here it is. Process. AOTY