Is DJ Vlad a Culture Vulture? PART 2: Exploiting Nipsey’s Death

     I feel like Vlad is exploiting Nipsey’s death by pushing the narrative that young Black people should move from their neighborhood and never return or fear murder.

“Nipsey operated the Slauson Tees/Marathon Store on Crenshaw & Slauson for approx 10 years”

Nipsey Hussle operated Slauson Tees/Marathon Store at the intersection of Crenshaw & Slauson for approximately 10 years without issue from the community. The community loved and adored his presence. Nip, Sam, and others speak about this in their WSHH documentary.

     DJ Vlad, please stop perpetuating the narrative that young Black people shouldn’t start businesses in their neighborhoods and using Nipsey’s death as your reason. It’s opportunistic & gross. Nipsey was not attacked at his store by community members, as some in media might lead you to believe. He was attacked by, in short, by a former government cooperative.

Nipsey slauson tees
Nipsey Hu$$le at Slauson Tees, later known as “The Marathon Store”

Nipsey operated his stores with Blacc Sam on Crenshaw & Slauson for upwards to a decade (if not more) & were praised by the community at-large (unless we are talking about LAPD and their raids, as seen in Nipsey’s WSHH Doc). Sorry, but I’m hypersensitive to things that happen in the community I was raised in. As seen in the video, Vlad even goes as far as insinuating that Nip instigated his own death… Vlad, You weren’t there.

Vlad thinks he is OK to say things like this because he interviewed Kerry Lathan, one of the people who got shot along with Nipsey. When will people be held accountable for their words.


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