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OPINION: Doja Cat is the best female rapper out

Doja Cat may not be the most lyrical like a Che Noir or Noname, but her creative songwriting skills put her snugly above her peers.

Who is the best female rapper? FIRST, let’s talk Criteria. Don’t you hate when Hip-Hop platforms have lists and GOAT convos without first clarifying their criteria?


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Best Rapper vs Best Lyricist

     To me, there’s a difference between being the “best rapper” and “best lyricist”. The “best lyricist” deploys internal rhymes and multisyllabic rhymes at jaw-dropping consistency. The “best lyricist” is also a master of metaphors, rhyme schemes, and wordplay.

The “best rapper” includes some of the same aspects required to be considered “the best lyricist”, such as the ability to rhyme well and creatively. But for the “best rapper”, songwriting also comes into play – for me. So that means the “best rapper” has: song structurehook/chorus ability, song topics/content variety, delivery, flow, the ability to make an engaging album IN ADDITION TO lyrical prowess.

Hot Pink mini-album review

    hot pink doja cat top5rapwebsite.comDue to the above differences, it’s possible for someone to be considered “the best rapper” but not necessarily “the best lyricist” – and vice versa. However, Doja Cat exceeds in all the above on her 2019 album “Hot Pink“.

Now, this article isn’t a Hot Pink album review (although that may be necessary), but it’s important to note this as a creative milestone in Doja Cat’s career and properly recognize this album for what it is. Doja is able to accomplish the same level of creative songwriting and superfluous rhyming on her debut album Amala. I discuss Doja Cat’s Soundcloud beginnings and her rise to popularity in The Rise & Fall…& RISE AGAIN of Doja Cat post, so I won’t get into that again here.

 “Doja Cat is the best female rapper”

     With criteria in mind, I can confidently say that Doja Cat is the best female rapper out right now, specifically in the Rap/Pop sphere. Doja Cat’s quality creative songwriting, lyrical variety and rapping ability in the Female Rap/Pop sphere is rivaled only by Leikeli47 & Azealia Banks – two creative ISLANDS in Hip-Hop who deserve more spotlight in their genre.

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Leikeli47 (top); Azealia Banks (bottom)

     Doja Cat may not be the most lyrical like a Che Noir, Rapsody, or Noname – but remember, lyrical ability isn’t the only criteria for what I consider “the best rapper” – songwriting and discography plays a pivotal role. And out of all her peers, Doja Cat simply makes the best albums. Few women in Hip-Hop can successfully accomplish the thematically expressive feel of a “Go To Town” or walk the Rap/Singing tightrope as neatly as Doja Cat does on the incredibly infectious intro to Hot Pink,Cyber Sex“.

     This isn’t to say Doja Cat is all songwriting and no bars – she’s able to remain lyrically proficient on tracks like “Cyber Sex” and “Talk Dirty” despite the tracks’ colorful aesthetics. And if we’re talking rapping ability, Doja Cat is probably in the 90th percentile in terms of flows. She deploys new flows on every song.  Compared to other artists where after 2-3 songs you kinda get the overall idea of what the artist had to offer musically. With Doja Cat, you’re getting 2-3 different looks on every song. At times, listeners may forget they’re listening to just 1 artist.

Creative Songwriting Ability

     Another important area of “the best rapper” that I want to highlight where Doja Cat excels is discography – simply put, their collection of albums/mixtapes. Aside from 2014’s Purrr! EP and a slew of Soundcloud loosies, Doja Cat has 2 full-length projects under her belt: 2018’s Amala and 2019’s Hot Pink. Doja Cat knocks both albums out of the park (I think prefer Hot Pink over Amala but only time will tell).

“Doja Cat may not be the most lyrical like a Che Noir or Noname…”

     One important characteristic that separates artists who spit good lyrics from artists who can create songs is the ability to deliver an engaging album. Hot Pink only has 3 features: Smino, Tyga, and Gucci Mane. This means that Doja Cat SOLO walks us through this full-length project, deploying her many vocal and tonal inflections, varying rap flows, and bag of hooks to keep us interested. She also picks production that she sounds great on. Her innate abilities as an artist makes her shine above her peers, in a crowded female rap scene.


     Doja Cat’s albums are cohesive and polished in a way that her peers’ just aren’t. Doja Cat has more charisma & creativity on songs and interviews. She raps better. She produces too. To some, it may seem that I’m caping for Doja Cat on the same website where I nerdily obsess over Tha God Fahim and Alchemist albums…but TALENT IS TALENT.

“Doja Cat is probably in the 90th percentile in terms of flows”

Maybe it’s because I have a thing for artists who start DIY in a small room with just a keyboard, producing their own music. Maybe it’s because cats are my spirit animal and I love cats (and Doja has “cat” in her name), or maybe what I’m seeing is actually correct and she really is this talented. I think it’s the latter.

Give it up for her. Doja Cat is going be #1 amongst her peers very soon – if not ALREADY.


Editors Note: One thing…somebody has to talk to Doja about her song titles. These songs are not being properly titled. Your songs deserve better titles!!

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