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DaBaby responds to controversy surrounding MEAT

     On Saturday, December 22, 2019, North Carolina rapper DaBaby was helpless as pictures of his manhood surfaced the Internet.

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     DaBaby, 5’8″, is known for engaging in public incidents such as shooutouts at Walmart, scuffles at the Mall, and diapers at SXSW weekend. But DaBaby says he has no idea how the picture surfaced online, “I don’t know how the picture surfaced. But I definitely didn’t leak it myself… And I definitely do NOT have short-man syndrome”

     The penis picture reached thousands online, mostly horny women who couldn’t believe how much meat a man named “DaBaby” was packing, “They need to call that nigga DaMan!” said Shaquamanika ExRay from Baton Rouge “You know what they say, big things come in small sizes!😁”.

On, Sunday December 22, 2019, DaBaby continued to enjoy the media downpour surrounding his Johnson, and also had a message for haters, “I see niggas say it’s a fake picture. Niggas just mad I’m getting money. I may be short, but I’m 5’9″ when I stand on my dick! Take THAT!,”


Editors Note: This is a parody article. The content in this article is satirical.

Artists: submit your album/songs for review here!

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