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Rate the Bars Episode #7 is a special, DYNASTY edition! My fav bars from Rocafella’s Dynasty Roc La Familia album!

Welcome to episode #7 of Rate the Bars! Today’s FULL EPISODE is a special, DYNASTY edition centered around some of my fav bars from Rocafella’s Dynasty: Roc La Familia album! Be sure to check out my Dynasty CD of the Week episode for the full album review.


#1You give a nigga a foot, he’ll take you one step beyond

He’ll try to play you twice, the third time is the charm

You wanna conversate with the writer of the Qur’an

Jay-Z on “Streets is Talkin”

#2 To know me’s to love me, you see me, can’t be me, hate this

Fuck you, I got guns like Neo in Matrix

Cross the Family, think Mac’s sweet like Karo

Or soft like Play-Doh!

Beanie Sigel on “Streets is Talkin”

#3Never read the Qur’an or Islamic scriptures

Only Psalms I read was on the arms of my niggas

Tattooed, so I carry on like I’m nonreligious

Clap whoever stand between Shawn and figures

Jay-Z on “Dynasty Intro”


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