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Frank Ocean’s 64-song compilation album. All 64 songs rated and reviewed.

Frank Ocean – Lonny Breaux Collection (compilation album)

Released: 2011

I put in work… At the very end of this article are the tracks that you SHOULD listen to (if you don’t want to listen to the entire 64 compilation, like I did).  Download here.

Acura Integurl: 3.5/5 (Frank’s singing towards the end sounds NASTY)
Bedtime Story: 3.25/5
Blasted: 3/5
Bricks and Steel: 3.75/5
Broken Pieces: 3.5/5
Can’t Be The Last Time: 3.75/5
Day Away: 3.25/5
Denim: 3/5
Done: 3.75/5
Dying For Your Love: 3.75/5
Flight: 3.75/5
Focus: 3.5/5 (This is..different)
Follow: 4.5/5 (He sounds like R.Kelly on this)
Go Up: 4/5
Got The Keys: 3.5/5
Greedy Love: 3.5/5
Hardest Thing: 4.25/5
Holly Baby: 3.75/5
I Need Love: 3/5
If I’m In Love: 4.25/5
J.O.B: 4/5
Kamikaze: 3.5/5
Know Better: 2.75/5
Lights: 2.5/5
Lonny: 3.75/5
Lost Angel (no 2nd): 3.5/5
Lost Angel: 3.5/5
Love On My Piano: 4.5/5
Miss You So: 4/5 (On some Prince-ish)
No Bonnie: 3.75/5
No Love: 3.75/5
Non-Stop: 3.75/5
Ohh In Love: 3.5/5
Old Terror: 3.75/5
One Look: 3.5/5
Open Air: 3.5/5
Overload: 2.75/5
Private Show: 4/5 (Planet Rock sample!)
Quickly: 3.75/5
Read The Starts: 3.75/5
Ready: 4/5
Real: 4/5
Rewind That: 3.25/5 (…is this even Frank Ocean?)
Richest Man In The Room: 4.25/5
Rocket Love: 3.75/5
Scared of Beautiful: 4/5
She Won’t Say Hello: 4/5
Simply: 3.5/5
So Comfortable: 3.75/5
So Fresh: 4/5 (it sounds like this song was cut early)
Standing Still: 3.25/5
Stay If You Go: 3/5
Sucka 4 Love: 3.5/5
Sucka For Love: 3.5/5
Sucker For Love: 3.75/5
Surprise Ending: 3.5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
The City: 3.75/5
Time Machine: 3.5/5
Together: 3.75/5
Tonight: 4/5
Truce: 3.75/5
Wake Up: 3.5/5
When I’m Done: 4.5/5

AVG: 3.63/5

Quick Thoughts:

This little compilation from Frank Ocean is a collection of unreleased tracks, likely from his time being shelved at Def Jam/or just before the Def Jam sign. There are a lot of Brian Kennedy and Midi Mafia production spots as well as a few guest features (which are not credited). I’ve probably heard more Frank Ocean tonight than I ever though I would, but there was nothing but decent to good music on this at 64 tracks deep, so I can’t complain. While this compilation does have a lot of solid songs, a good 90% of this compilation does not stand-out.

There are only about 15-17 songs that I’d throw on my playlist out of the 64, and since I went through the mission of listening to and rating this, I’ll save you the trouble of listening through this 3 hour compilation and just list the tracks I deem worthy of numerous replays. Enjoy!

Standout Tracks (listen to these, if anything)

Go Up
Greedy Love
Hardest Thing
Holly Baby
If I’m In Love
*Love On My Piano (my personal favorite from this project)
Miss You So
Richest Man In The Room
Scared Of Beautiful
She Won’t Say Hello
When I’m Done

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