Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – Anger Management REVIEW

Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – Anger Management

Released: 25 April 2019

    ★★★1/2Anger Management begins with a heavy punk-rock setting, perhaps influenced by Rico Nasty’s love for Joan Jett. However, after “Nasty World (skit)“, the album takes a chiller, more settled vibe. Harry Fraud offers his airy production on “Relative” and listeners are treated to heavy introspection from Rico on “Sell Out” and the Kodie Shane-esque outro “Again“.

Despite a few basic punchlines from Rico and an awkward feature from Splurge, Anger Management is a recommended listen and displays the chemistry between Rico Nasty and her producer Kenny Beats (who provides an array of sounds from outright distortion, to a Jay-Z & Timbaland “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” sample on “Hatin“).

Favorite songs: “Cold”, “Cheat Code ft Baauer”, “Hatin”, “Sell Out”


Rating Categories:
★★★★★: Best in show; pinnacle release from an all-time great artist.
★★★★1/2: Stellar example of genre; peak potential.
★★★★: Excellent; recommended to all fans of artist or genre.
★★★1/2: Very good; a few bland songs or minor flaws throughout.
★★★: Good; fans of the artist will find value here.
★★1/2: Average; does little to establish the artist or maintain quality.
★★: Unexceptional; a few highlights but otherwise bland.
★1/2: Weak; unrecommended for anyone but major fans of the style and/or artist.
★: Seriously flawed; very poor work but relatively listenable.
1/2: Terrible; a true embarrassment and akin to audio masochism.

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