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Billy Woods & Kenny Segal “Hiding Places” REVIEW

★★★★: Hiding Places is a raw, war-like observation by Billy Woods, with Kenny Segal providing a distorted backdrop.

Billy Woods & Kenny Segal – Hiding Places

Released: 29 March 2019

     Hiding Places is a raw, war-like observation from Billy Woods, with Kenny Segal providing a distorted backdrop.

Tracks “Spider Hole” & “A Day in A Year in A Week” encompass this entire project for me, with “Spider Hole” serving as war-imagery as Woods spits:

“It’s just me in the spider hole, that’s the best part/

From here, the war seem really far, the mirror was as sharp/”

“A Day in A Year in A Week” offers bleek social commentary, with Woods rapping:

“Life is just two quarters in the machine/

But, either you got it or don’t – that’s the thing/”

To me, Hiding Places is 1 part social commentary and 1 part war-like imagery where Billy Woods sees society and his reality as the war, “Spider Hole” describes his “hiding place” from the war, where he’s able to offer this raw, lyrical observation from afar, in the form of the Hiding Places LP.

Billy Woods on Hiding Places is filled with frustration and insecurity, and uses war-like imagery to describe his surroundings.

Click the video above for the full album review! Shoutout to Backwoodz Studios!


Rating Categories:
★★★★★: Best in show; pinnacle release from an all-time great artist.
★★★★1/2: Stellar example of genre; peak potential.
★★★★: Excellent; recommended to all fans of artist or genre.
★★★1/2: Very good; a few bland songs or minor flaws throughout.
★★★: Good; fans of the artist will find value here.
★★1/2: Average; does little to establish the artist or maintain quality.
★★: Unexceptional; a few highlights but otherwise bland.
★1/2: Weak; unrecommended for anyone but major fans of the style and/or artist.
★: Seriously flawed; very poor work but relatively listenable.
1/2: Terrible; a true embarrassment and akin to audio masochism.

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