Song Review: Phillmore Greene – “Nighttime Maneuvers 2”

“Some compare me to Mike, some compare me to ‘Bron

Some compare to Nas, some compare me to Shawn”

     Nighttime Maneuvers 2 deals with the hectic Chicago after-hours, where dealers and killers typically thrive. Phillmore Greene’s verse doesn’t really touch on the night time, it’s mostly braggadocio. He spits an extended verse, about 32 bars, mostly a display of flow and rhyme scheme.

Phillmore Greene’s flow and delivery are easy to listen to. He deploys a familiarly comforting 90s East-Coast styled cadence, with a premium on flow and clarity, with less attention to the hook (which would explain why the hook has little to do with the verse). He sounds great over the beat, which is led by high-pitched chimes.

The track sits at over 4 minutes long, but the last 2 minutes or so is preserved for shoutouts, allowing the instrumental to breathe, and an angry phone call from his significant other.


★★★1/2: Very good; fans of the artist will find value here.

Listen to Phillmore Greene’s “Chicago: A Third World City” LP here

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