Lil B: I’m Gay (I’m Happy) Album Review

A spin on Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" album cover.

Let’s get things clear so there’s no confusion throughout this review. I like Lil B. I like what he’s doing. If you ask me to name the 10 most entertaining rappers, Lil B would be in my top 5. However, I’ve never reviewed a Lil B LP. Why is that? Because he is never serious. The anti-Lil B followers seem to consist of people who are “real hip-hop fans”, which is ridiculous in and of itself. They don’t understand what Lil B is doing, and who can blame them? Lil B is doing something that I’ve never seen done in rap music before.

Lil B CAN rap. Even if it’s just at a decent level, he shows the ability that he can spit (evidenced the songs Sendin Shots and The Age Of Information), however, he chooses to be THE BASED GOD which I see as a outrageously, hilarious, weirded-out marketing plan. See, at his most complex form, Lil B is simply mocking the rap game. He’s taking every aspect of mainstream and underground rap – the jewlery, fashion trends, overdone adlibs, braggadocio rhymes- and he’s exaggerating them to the fullest degree possible. Hence is skintight wardrobe, “SWAG” and “WOOP” adlibs, and ego stroking on pretty much every track. As a result, his fans are imitiating/mocking you’re casual rap fan who thinks their favorite rapper is the best rapper alive no matter what anyone says- which is why you see the Youtube comments of people drooling all over Lil B when what the song was blatantly bad. It’s a mockery of the rap game. Rappers like Mysonne seem to not understand that it’s simply a joke that turned into Lil B getting more popular than your average underground rapper with virtually no promotion, no label help, and no single. All he’s using is Youtube, Myspace, and Twitter and he’s selling out shows across the country and collaborating with the biggest rap artists across the spectrum – from Lil Wayne to 9th Wonder to Soulja Boy to Jay Electronica. What he’s done is amazing when you think about.

Lil B shook the rap game up once more with the release of his album “I’m Gay“. Receiving PR and hate from nearly every notable music blog out there without the left of a finger. B had all the promotion he needed to show them what he’s really made of; he did nothing to warrant the promotion except title his album – hence why many view Lil B as a huge marketing madman. Those coming into this album expected more “Wonton Soup” but instead got some kickass production and positive vibes from B. It shocked nearly everyone who listened….except the fans of Lil B, who knew he had it in him the entire time.

Trapped In Prison (what a way to start off an album named “I’m Gay”): 4.75/5
Open Thunder Eternal Slumber: 3/5
Game: 4.75/5
Unchain Me: 3.75/5
Neva Stop Me: 3.5/5
Gon Be Okay: 3.5/5
The Wilderness: 3.5/5
I Hate Myself: 4/5
Get It While It’s Good: 2.75/5
I Seen That Light: 4.5/5 (I absolutely love this beat and the samples)
My Last Chance: 4/5
1 Time Remix: 3/5

Part of what makes I’m Gay serviceable is the production, which is absolutely great throughout. Lil B’s rapping is tolerable, not great..tolerable, but there’s a positive message in nearly every song. Remain objective for a second.

3.75/5 An album with great beats, good messages, and below average-decent lyrics is nowhere near “bad”, point blank. Whether you like B and his movement or not, this album is a success.

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