Tyga: Well Done 2 REVIEW

Tyga – Well Done 2

Released: 19 July 2011

Well Done 2: 1.75/5
Snapbacks Back (Chris Brown).5/5 (this is the lowest rating possible. I’ve never given a song this rating prior to this. It’s that bad)
I’m Done: 2.5/5
T Raww: 1.5/5
I’m On One: 1.5/5
Bring It Back: 2.75/5
Pussy Talkin: 2.5/5
Rack City: 3.25/5 (Blatant YG bite-job, and if you’re gonna bite a rapper, bite someone better than YG for Pete’s sake)
Bitches Ain’t Shit (feay Nipsey Hu$$le and YG)3.75/5
Money & Liquor (feat Gudda Gudda)1.5/5
Yonkers: 2.75/5
LovaGain: 2/5

Where do I start with this mixtape….

Firstly, what type of rapper is Tyga? Is he a storyteller like Drake? A punchline rapper like Wayne? Well, he’s neither. He used to be known for his flow, but he soon abandoned that after joining YM. He was never really lyrical to begin with and his flow was the centerpiece of his rapping capabilities – it compensated for his lack of punchlines/metaphors and imagery. He’s since abandoned the flow, and is now exposed as a mediocre rapper.

His delivery sounds forced, his “flow” is non-existent, and his punchlines are comical (whenever he tries to do one). Not to mention he’s still trying to milk Big Sean’s “Supa Dupa Flow” on this tape. There is nothing redeemable about this mixtape at all.

The best thing about this mixtape is the fact that almost every song is under 2-3 minutes, so the suffering doesn’t last long.

2.187/5 Worse than falling onto the tip of the Empire State Building, eye first.

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