My Dear Tomorrow: 4/5
Hangin’ Out The Window: 4.25/5
When The Nghtfall: 3.5/5
Money Deux: 4/5
Raw (feat Selina Carrera): 4.25/5 (this beat is outstanding)
All For You (feat Selina Carrera)4/5
HERflection: 2.5/5
Here We Go Again: 4.5/5
Maria Juana: 4.75/5
Dreamin’ Out Loud: 4.25/5
So Far Away (feat Brian Underwood)4.25/5

It’s always interestingly, intriguingly, annoying to hear rappers trying to do their best low-pass filter, introspective SFG-era Drake impression. You get some of that on this EP, but not as much as expected. Forte’s last LP, 87 Dreams, was a blatant Drake bite job. This project however, is a lot more versatile and Forte is coming to as an artist. His rapping buddy, Sean Rose, sound a lot like Philly’s STS throughout. All in all, Forte and Rose’s styles compliment each other incredibly well. Now even though I think this is a low-key Drake/40 bite job, that doesn’t mean I’m willing to trash it altogether as I do the majority of these post-Drake influences. Gilbere actually has a respectable lyrical capacity and Sean Rose is an interesting newcomer. So even as I listen to the drowning effect throughout the beats, the outward voice projection, and back of the throat low-punch line, heavy description almost storytelling type rhyming that Drake so quickly popularized, I still grab these artists for what they are. So with that being said, I will not mention Drake for the rest of this review.

The production is all top-notch. I was surprised by the quality. Gilbere has improved as a rapper since 87 Dreams and due to the production on this EP, he sounds like a star. I say this because in reality Forte is mostly an unknown, but matched with this production (that fits his rapping style better than any other production type) and his microphone chemistry with Sean Rose, Gilbere sounds like a leader on this project. THE man. Sean Rose on the other hand is an interesting individual in that he uses more punch lines and his flow and delivery forces a lot more attention because he’s more aggressive with how he raps, especially over these “chillax” beats.

This is a project for the ladies, I’d recommend it to any female that I know. It’s good music in the end, even if it sounds like a rip-off of “a-rapper-whose-name-we-won’t-mention“. Gilbere and Sean should do more music together, and they should give the producer for this EP a million daps. He hooked them up with, respectively, their best project to date.



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