Lil Wayne: Sorry 4 The Wait Review

Wayne throws his cards at the mixtape game once again. This is where, musically, he’s given the most acclaim, so naturally his fans are accustomed to anticipating his mixtapes more than his albums. This time around for Sorry 4 The Wait was no different.

Tunechi’s Back: 3.5/5
Rollin’: 3.75/5
Throwed Off (feat Gudda Gudda)2.75/5
Gucci Gucci: 3/5
Marvin’s Room: 4/5
Sure Thing: 3.5/5
Grove St Party (feat Lil B)2/5
Racks: 4.25/5
Hands Up: 3/5
Sorry 4 The Wait: 5/5
Inkredible (feat Thugga, Raw Dizzy, & Flow)2.25/5
Run This World: skit/shoutouts

A friend of mine told me that he felt this tape was a disappointment because the quality that made Wayne’s mixtapes so intriguing was the fact that he would take over a song. He’d make it HIS. Whereas on this mixtape he doesn’t take control that effectively, he simply follows the flow that the original artist used. This is troubling. I can’t help but feel that Wayne is losing is luster – more specifically his cleverness and punchlines. We hear him recycle the same punchlines here.

Now I expected to write a long, throughout review. But all in all their’s not much to say about this mixtape. It’s what you’ve come to expect from Wayne. Punchline after punchline, non-sequiturs with charisma. That can be a good and a bad thing. Take it how you want.


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