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Did Future peak in 2016?

     I caught flack when I said Future was arguably Rapper of the Year in 2015. Although Kendrick Lamar released the magnificent To Pimp A Butterfly in March 2015, Future was enjoying a streak of his own.

Future performs
Future performs “Wicked (Purple Reign)” at the 2016 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 26, 2016

¬† ¬† ¬†The Future-Hive’s beloved¬†Beast Mode 1 collaboration¬†mixtape with trap-pianist producer Zaytoven dropped in January 2015 and was quickly followed-up by the 56 Nights mixtape with DJ Esco¬†in March. Between these two mixtapes alone, covering a short 3 months span, listeners were gifted the street hits “Real Sisters“, “March Madness”, and “56 Nights (title track)”.

Just four months later in July 2015, Future would drop his long-awaited album,¬†DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2), which I believe to be¬†his best work.¬†DS2 featured the Metro Boomin bangers: “Blow A Bag”, “Rich Sex”, “Sitck Talk” and many, many more. Just 7 months into 2015, Future gave us 3 outstanding projects: Beast Mode 1, 56 Nights, and DS2. Future would top off his 2015 by collaborating with Drake on¬†What A Time To Be Alive in September 2015, just 2 months after the release of DS2, and Future’s 4th project of 2015.

“Just 7 months into 2015, Future gave us 3 outstanding projects: Beast Mode 1, 56 Nights, and DS2.”

The sheer output from Future in 2015 was staggering. Early-on, critics spoke of fears that he could oversaturate his sound. This fear was compounded by the fact that Future’s signature drawl-flow and favorite production styles were now being imitated by numerous rappers seeking to deliver a “Future-sounding” hit song for their label.

future 56 nights #TOP5RAPWEBSITE

¬† ¬† ¬†Talks of oversaturation didn’t appear to phase Future, though. In January 2016, just 4 months following the release of¬† his¬†WATTBAcollaboration with Drake, Future released¬†Purple Reign,¬†a 13 track mixtape, and his 5th project-release in that 12-month period. And then EVOL,¬†a 12 track studio album, the very next month in February 2016. Now breathe.

¬† ¬† ¬†Purple Reign was an “OK” release, but felt sudden coming so soon after the WATTBA collab with mega-star Drake. EVOL was a rapid fire release that came right after Purple Reign; I haven’t seen it get as much love as his other post-Honest work. It came so soon after¬†Purple Reign that I felt bombarded with Future music at that point. Actually, I felt that way with¬†Purple Reign;¬†the release of¬†EVOL not even a full month following Purple Reign solidified my feelings. Future’s sound was officially oversaturated. I think Future caught the hint, his next project¬†wouldn’t drop until 9 months later following EVOL.

future rapper 2019 #TOP5RAPWEBSITE

¬† ¬† ¬†Future dropped¬†Freebricks 2K16 w/ Gucci Mane in November 2016, but the trap sound was pretty much on the decline due to oversaturation already, and many listeners felt that Future had lost a lot of steam, since the¬†Purple Reign and¬†EVOL releases weren’t as lauded by the Future Hive as his previous¬†56 Nights, Beast Mode,¬†and¬†DS2 solo releases in 2015.

Some fans even yearned for a music hiatus from Future, simply because, considering Future’s volume of output, the songs on his respective projects started becoming a blur. Not necessarily a thing of a quality or lack thereof, just fatigue.

Some fans yearned for a Future project produced by Nard & B, DJ Spinz, Mike Will or other producers because Future had released so much music with Metro Boomin and Southside.

Others say oversaturation isn’t a problem at all and Future should strike while the iron is hot.

Where does Future go from here?

Watch Future’s THE WIZRD #THEWIZRD documentary here:



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