Rapper of the Year 2017

Young Dolph Rapper of the Year 20172017 releases:

 Thinking Out Loud (#16)

Bulletproof  (#22)

– Gelato (#52)

Tracking Numbers w/ Berner (unranked)

Best 2017 songs:

– “Play Wit Yo Bitch(#40) (Zaytoven)

– “Drippy(#50) (Mike Will Made It & 30 Roc)

– “100 Shots(#80) (DJ Squeeky)

     Young Dolph began 2017 quickly and with a bang, releasing his much anticipated Gelato (#52) mixtape in early-February. Later that month, 100 bullets were infamously fired at Young Dolph in Charlotte, NC as he sat in an SUV during CIAA weekend. Luckily for Dolph, the bullets could not pierce his armored vehicle, allowing him to escape death. Within a month, Young Dolph would go on to drop his highly acclaimed Bulletproof mixtape (#22) leading off with the taunting intro “100 Shots” (ranked #80 on my top 101 songs of 2017), arguably intro of the year.

Dolph collaborated with Bay Area favorite Berner on the “Tracking Numbers” (unranked) mixtape in August before getting shot at again in September, this time actually getting struck while in Los Angeles.

Not to be slowed down, Dolph quickly put together Thinking Out Loud (#16) following his shooting which, in my opinion, is his best and most cohesive work to date. Hopefully we can get Farrakhan or someone to step in between Dolph and his adversaries so that we do not risk losing him at his peak.



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