Black Anime Music Vol 1 – troyisMAJOR Review

troyisMAJOR – Black Anime Music Vol 1 (produced by redflushed) 

Released: 20 November 2017

     This entire tape is a 1-take freestyle over left-field Hip-Hop nu jazz type, anime-inspired production. troyisMAJOR was inspired after hearing redflushed’s moving on EP and left-field production on Bandcamp. The above video was also edited and curated by troyisMAJOR, featuring clips of Black Anime characters.

Each song on Black Anime Music Vol 1 is 1-2 minutes like MF DOOM/Madlib’s Madvillainy. The major difference is it’s not 🔥BARS on top of METAPHORS on top of LAYERS like Madvillainy is. Rather, it’s aN offering of a variety of flows and ideas matched under beats you wouldn’t expect to hear bars over.

Production + Vocal Harmony

The intro to Black Anime Music stumped me because it’s one of those Dilla/DOOM/Malib extra choppy slightly off-kilter type beats with sporadic drums drums and random cuts. Not only that, but the beat slows down as the song progresses, making it even more difficult to rap over. But troyisMAJOR finds and rides pocket after pocket, exercising flows and rhyme schemes before abandoning them for another. Some rappers possess the rare ability to create melodies and flow patterns regardless of beat, yet still fit comfortably into any beat. It truly takes skills to flow. troyisMAJOR FLOATS all over this tape.

There’s even Lil B – Rain In England type instrumentals on here – no drums, no bass, just ambient noise and synthesized chords. redflushed did the DAMN THANG. And troyisMAJOR again, despite instrumentals with no drums or bass, or no rhythm path, tucks into the beat, finds a pocket, and creates a flow and thus a vibe. Not forcing a rhyme or verse, not tripping over words despite an ambient, spacey instrumental, yet still present enough to add to the track with a memorable vocal performance (i.e “Water.Well“). troyisMAJOR compliments each beat on this mixtape, even redflushed’s chord + emotion heavy ballads.


      Black Anime Music Vol 1 provides great value as a project that was completed in a one night, one-take session. Listeners are treated to redflushed’s lush production as troyisMAJOR finds weaves flows and syllable pockets in and out of redflushed’s beats using a variety of styles and deliveries. We want a much longer than 19 minute project with 2 minute songs, but then we remember that Black Anime Music Vol 1 is just a day’s exercise. A warm-up tape. troyisMAJOR drops more in 2018 follow him on Soundcloud here.

This is the type of music you’d expect to be played late night on Adult Swim. They always have the best cult jams.


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