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Mozzy – Fake Famous review

Mozzy – Fake Famous

Released: 26 January 2017

     Fake Famous is a cohesive effort by Bay Area fan-favorite, Mozzy. The production is trunk-heavy and Mozzy recruits a squadron of California street rappers including Los Angeles reputables YG, AD, and Slim 400 to add meat to this gritty street album.

For an artist like Mozzy whose appeal lies largely in the content of his bars and the intensity of his delivery, it is important that his production is intriguing and his hooks are serviceable so that his songs do not falter. On Fake Famous, Mozzy and company makes good use of what sounds like preset hooks like on “On One ” and “Scorin“; on “Scorin” Lex Aura’s swoon nicely contrasts Mozzy, Slim 400, and Lil Blood’s gun-laced lyrics.

Favorite moment

My favorite moment on this album come from Mozzy as a grimey street lyricist with intense delivery, but there are gems from the features on Fake Famous, too. I particularly enjoy the free-ness that Yatta raps with on “Free Yatta” and SOB x RBE on “Anti Freestyle“. SOB x RBE seems to channel Soulja Boy’s “NuReligion” flow for his closing verse. Yatta and SOB x RBE’s bouncy flows provide for some pretty heavy head-nods in the thick of Fake Famous.

My favorite song on Fake Famous isBorrowed Time“. The song evokes 2Pac vibes with it’s frequent self-evocation of imminent death. The bars are laid heavily by Mozzy, who dips so firmly into the signature jumpy Los Angeles styled bass and claps in the production. Mozzy flexes throughout the entire track, bouncing in and out of the beat effortlessly, delivering life stories beneath his roaring Bay-slang laced delivery.

Fake Famous is chock-full of Mozzy-isms and stories of the struggle and the come up. Mozzy fans should be pleased with this showing from the Sac-town native.

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