List of best Kanye albums because @Complex’s list was purely clickbait

     Best Kanye albums because Complex’s list is purely clickbait. List is based on album quality and impact (mixtapes not included).

#1 College Dropout // 2004 // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “All Falls Down”, “Jesus Walks”, “Slow Jamz”, “Last Call”

#2 Late Registration // 2005 // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “Roses”, “Hey Mama”, Gold Digger, “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, “Drive Slow”

#3 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy // 2010 // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “Gorgeous”, “Devil In A New Dress”, “Blame Game”, “POWER”

#4 808’s & Heartbreaks // 2009 // Electropop & Art-Rap


Standout songs: “Say You Will”, “Amazing”, “Heartless”, “Paranoid”

#5 Watch The Throne // 2011 // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “Gotta Have It”, “Otis”, “Murder to Excellence”

#6 Graduation // 2007 // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “Stronger”, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Homecoming”, “Good Life”

#7 Yeezus // 2013 // Experimental & Minimalist Rap


Standout songs: “New Slaves”, “Blood on the Leaves”,

#8 The Life of Pablo // 2015  // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “Pt.2”, “Real Friends”, “No More Parties in LA”, “Ultralight Beam”, “Famous”

#9 Cruel Summer // 2012 // Hip-Hop & Rap


Standout songs: “Clique”, “Mercy”, “New God Flow”

     Any of the top 3 albums (CD, LR, and MBDTF) could compete for the #1 spot. Both Yeezus and TLOP could compete for second-to-last. Some might like 808’s & Heartbreaks to be higher due to the impact it had on the culture (birthed introspective artists with low pass beats like Drake), which I understand. No clickbait.

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