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THROWBACK: 2Pac – Me Against the World REVIEW

2Pac – Me Against the World

Released: 14 March 1995

Despite hundreds on hundreds of insightful verses and handfuls of classic albums,  Me Against The World stands as 2Pac’s most culturally accepted piece of music, probably because it’s prime-Pac before he went all-out on East Coast artists during the East Coast/West Coast riffs in the mid-1990s. For proper framing of this review – this album was before the East vs West beef, before Biggie vs Pac. And at this stage in his career (prior to releasing  Me Against the World), 2Pac had already released 3 very good albums: 2Pacalypse, Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z, and Thug Life Vol. 1.

2Pac boasts at least 3 undeniable classic in his discography: All Eyez On Me, The 7 Day Theory, and this gem here, Me Against The World.  Throughout the duration of Me Against The World, we are treated to Pac’s versatility as a Hip-Hop artist along some socio-political commentary, such as on the title track “Me Against The World“.

Song by song rating

If I Die 2Nite: 4.5/5
Me Against The World: 5/5
So Many Tears: 4.75/5
Temptations: 4/5
Young Niggaz: 4.25/5
Heavy In The Game: 4/5
Lord Knows: 5/5
Dear Mama: 5/5
It Ain’t Easy: 4.75/5
Can U Get Away: 5/5
Old School: 4.5/5
Fuck The World: 4.25/5
Death Around The Corner: 4/5
What’s up with the movie excerpts for the hook? We can do better than that.
Outlaw: 4.5/5

The production on Me Against The World is very laid back and mellow, in comparison to All Eyez On Me where it is more aggressive. In comparison, All Eyez On Me is much more aggressive than Me Against the World.

On Me Against the World, Pac touches up on various topics: a rape charge, domestic violence, death, his favorite childhood music – and not once does he sound out of place, which is probably 2Pac’s most impressive talent. He’s a chameleon and sounds comfortable delivering raps on any topic. Additionally, there is no “filler” on this album, each track serves a purpose and each track delivers said purpose. On Me Against the World, we are treated to Pac’s perception of society and the reality in his community. Pac takes the role of a socially aware and conscious street rapper which, in my opinion, is when he’s at his best.

RATING: 4.535/5 Amazingly consistent, no weaknesses throughout, and very versatile.

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