Real Life Gangsters Soundtrack (featuring AMG, DJ Quik, Spice 1, Snoop, and more…)

I usually don’t pay much attention to soundtrack releases, but as any Rap fan knows – a well put together soundtrack (ala Poetic Justice) can be a refreshing compilation and reminder of musical treats previously released by legends and underground artists alike. When I saw the tracklist to “Real Life Gangsters” I was taken aback. This soundtrack features “gangsta” rappers from Nor.Cal to So.Cal all the way down to the ATL. If anything, you should check this out to hear early G-Funk and influences that current rappers such as SpaceGhostPurrp, A$AP Rocky, and Chief Keef drew their influences from.


For the informed, it will be a reminder of that 90s West Coast underground sound.




Purchase the Real Life Gangsters soundtrack HERE!

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