Brother Ali arrested in act of “civil disobedience”.

Brother Ali was among 13 protesters arrested in South Minneapolis last night. Ali’s act of civil disobedience was part of an ongoing occupation of a foreclosed home in South Minneapolis, and occurred as over 125 people rallied in support of a family fighting against a bank error to keep their home.

According to Occupy activists and witnesses, Ali was the first to willingly cross police lines and be arrested last night for trespassing on the foreclosed property, and was one of the only protesters to be arrested without making a public statement. Instead, Ali remained silent and stoic as police placed him in handcuffs.

   An artist from the Hip-Hop community gets arrested for something other than a brawl? Wow. Not a surprise here, much love to Brother Ali for civilly standing up for something he is adamant about. Hip-Hop needs more publicity likes this, let’s really take it back to the streets. Props to 89.3 The Current.

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