CyHi Da Prynce: Royal Flush 2 Review

I felt that all CyHi needed was to score a big mixtape and he would be ON. On in the way that Big Sean currently is and how Drake was.

Thousand Poundz: 4/5
New Girl (feat Trey Songz): 3.75/5
End Of The Night: 3/5
Right Side Of The Bed: 4/5
Sunday Morning: 4/5
Dance: 3.5/5
Fightin In The Club: 2.75/5
Emotional (feat Tity Boi): 3.5/5
Made Me Who I Am: 3.75/5
Take You Back: 3.75/5
Woopty Doo: 4.75/5
Beautiful Mind: 4/5
Stadium: 3/5

It sounds like CyHi went for a more mainstreamed sound judging from tracks like Dance, New Girl, and Fightin In The Club. I would’ve liked to hear more tracks where it’s just him – no features- and he’s just spitting flames throughout. We got a glimpse of this on Right Side Of The Bed, but even there one can feel a lack of hunger. CyHi continues his spree of punch lines and female filled, ass-gripping lyrics. I can’t be disappointed by this tape, because it’s not bad. But I would’ve liked to see CyHi turn it up lyrically and conceptually like I know he has the ability to do.

I’m still salty bout that shit, pickle dill chips” :|


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