So, I listened to the 64 Track Frank Ocean Compilation..ratings+best songs inside.

I put in work, O.G. style. At the very end are the tracks that you SHOULD listen to (if you don’t want to listen to the entire 64 compilation).  Yep.

Acura Integurl: 3.5/5 (Frank’s singing towards the end sounds NASTY)
Bedtime Story: 3.25/5
Blasted: 3/5
Bricks and Steel: 3.75/5
Broken Pieces: 3.5/5
Can’t Be The Last Time: 3.75/5
Day Away: 3.25/5
Denim: 3/5
Done: 3.75/5
Dying For Your Love: 3.75/5
Flight: 3.75/5
Focus: 3.5/5 (This is..different)
Follow: 4.5/5 (He sounds like R.Kelly on this)
Go Up: 4/5
Got The Keys: 3.5/5
Greedy Love: 3.5/5
Hardest Thing: 4.25/5
Holly Baby: 3.75/5
I Need Love: 3/5
If I’m In Love: 4.25/5
J.O.B: 4/5
Kamikaze: 3.5/5
Know Better: 2.75/5
Lights: 2.5/5
Lonny: 3.75/5
Lost Angel (no 2nd): 3.5/5
Lost Angel: 3.5/5
Love On My Piano: 4.5/5
Miss You So: 4/5 (On some Prince-ish)
No Bonnie: 3.75/5
No Love: 3.75/5
Non-Stop: 3.75/5
Ohh In Love: 3.5/5
Old Terror: 3.75/5
One Look: 3.5/5
Open Air: 3.5/5
Overload: 2.75/5
Private Show: 4/5 (Planet Rock sample!)
Quickly: 3.75/5
Read The Starts: 3.75/5
Ready: 4/5
Real: 4/5
Rewind That: 3.25/5 (…is this even Frank Ocean?)
Richest Man In The Room: 4.25/5
Rocket Love: 3.75/5
Scared of Beautiful: 4/5
She Won’t Say Hello: 4/5
Simply: 3.5/5
So Comfortable: 3.75/5
So Fresh: 4/5 (it sounds like this song was cut early)
Standing Still: 3.25/5
Stay If You Go: 3/5
Sucka 4 Love: 3.5/5
Sucka For Love: 3.5/5
Sucker For Love: 3.75/5
Surprise Ending: 3.5/5
Taste: 3.5/5
The City: 3.75/5
Time Machine: 3.5/5
Together: 3.75/5
Tonight: 4/5
Truce: 3.75/5
Wake Up: 3.5/5
When I’m Done: 4.5/5

This little compilation from Frank Ocean is a collection of his unreleased tracks, likely from when he was shelved at Def Jam/before the Def Jam sign. There are a lot of Brian Kennedy and Midi Mafia spots as well as a few guest features (which are not credited). I’ve probably heard more Frank Ocean tonight than I ever though I would, but there was nothing but decent-good music on this – 64 tracks deep. While this does have a lot of solid songs, a good 90% of this does not stand-out. There are only about 15-17 songs that I’d throw on my iTunes out of the 64, and since I went through the mission of listening to and rating this, I’ll save you the trouble of listening through this 3 hour compilation and just list the tracks I deem worthy of numerous replays. Enjoy!


Standout Tracks (listen to these, if anything)

Go Up
Greedy Love
Hardest Thing
Holly Baby
If I’m In Love
*Love On My Piano (my personal favorite from this project)
Miss You So
Richest Man In The Room
Scared Of Beautiful
She Won’t Say Hello
When I’m Done

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  1. I personally liked truce the best in this giant body of work. What was your opinion on it?

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