Tyler, The Creator: GOBLIN Review (PREVIEW)


GOBLIN is the second installment in a 3 chapter story told by Wolf Haley/Tyler, The Creator. Tyler's "therapist" (who is later revealed to be Tyler's conscience) confirms this triplet at the beginning of BASTARD. GOBLIN picks up right where BASTARD left off, following Inglorious, a song about Tyler's dad and how he'd love to kill him and commit suicide, and "let the bullet play hero". GOBLIN picks up immediately after that with Tyler's "therapist" commenting "You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone, you don't have the balls to do it".

Tyler begins his album by directly addressing his critic’s criticisms, the expectations set by his fans, and other subjects that he has been the target of (especially his subject matter). He begins to attack critics by saying that they love to highlight his “rape-y” and controversial lyrics, saying his music all for shock value while ignoring his truly personal songs like Inglorious. The intro is an onslaught to everyone in Tyler’s life (except his OFWGKTA members, who get dealt with later in the album), including his fans.

Tyler alienates himself throughout GOBLIN. He disses his critics, original underground fans, celebrity fans (such as Kanye West, whom he calls out by name), murders all of his group members, then eliminates the “therapist” by revealing that it is only his conscience. Tyler makes himself alone by the end of the album. Tyler admits that he’s still plagued by suicidal/angry thoughts in the intro where he nonchalantly states:”I’m just a teenager who admits he’s suicide prone my life is doing pretty good, so that date is postponed….for now”. The killing of himself and vacating of the “therapist” character sets up a stage where Tyler is by himself. No one to talk to, console, or vent to. This is likely setting up Tyler’s next album, WOLF. The title suggests that Tyler’s “alter-ego” Wolf Haley (who is rapping on the song Radicals) is taking over now that Tyler has found his true self after eliminating everyone else. He has no shoulder to lean on or anyone to talk him out of his nonsense, thus WOLF is able to takeover. And that my friends, is a whole ‘nother album.

Now onto the actual review….

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