XV: Zero Heroes Review

This mixtape tries to sound hopeful with its “hero” motif, but XV just comes off as corny a good majority of the time, which ruins the vibe. He really has a long way to go as far as punchlines go and being lyrically consistent as a whole. This really shouldn’t be a problem for someone who has been dropping projects for five years now. Though when XV is “on”, he’s ON. Smallville is a good example of that. There are some feel-good tracks on this joint though, Awesome featuring Pusha-T is a head-bobber and tracks like Pictures On My Wall really tap into XV’s potential.

Wichita: 3.75/5 (“I’m droppin shit no baby diapers”, terrible lyric)
When We’re Done: 3.75/5
Smallville: 4.5/5
That’s Just Me: 3.25/5 (This is the “corny” music I spoke on in the intro to this review.)
Awesome (feat Pusha T)4/5
Pictures On My Wall: 4.75/5
Textbook Stuff (feat Kendrick Lamar4.25/5 (Thank You Based Kendrick)
All For Me (feat CyHi Da Prynce)4/5
U.F.C (feat Kristina Rose)3.5/5
Foreign Exchange Student: 3.25/5
Swervin: 3.75/5
Best Days Of Lives: 3.5/5
The Last Time (feat Patrick Stump)3.75/5


editors note: Being in my last few months of High School going into college, this mixtape as a whole could be a soundtrack to anyone’s last few months in high school. There’s enough fun tracks (U.F.C), insightful/lyrical tracks (Pictures On My Wall, Smallville), “good-bye tracks” (Best Days Of Lives, The Last Time), hell, even school related tracks (Textbook Stuff) to culminate a high-school journey. Just a little trinket I felt whole listening to the last quarter of this mixtape…

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