Curren$y: Covert Coup Review

     This is one of the better mixtapes Curren$y has released. Coming into this project I was interested in seeing if Curren$y could rap over Alan’s grimy production, seeing as Spitta’s last two albums consisted of jazzy Ski Beatz beats. Needless to say, Spitta hasn’t lost a step. From the transition from Smokee Robinson to Pilot Talk to Pilot Talk 2 to Return To The Winner’s Circle to Covert Coup we’ve seen Curren$y evolve greatly as a lyricist. Lyrically, Covert Coup Curren$y is the most lyrical Curren$y I’ve heard – his delivery is more menacing, he’s varying his flows, and his rapping as a whole has improved a great deal. Though he gets outdone by a much more seasoned lyricist in Freddie Gibbs on Scottie Pippen, Curren$y is still holding his own on tracks by himself as seen on Ventilation and Smoke Break. But Curren$y doesn’t make this project great by himself, Alan The Alchemist provides some solid production throughout and is another great name on the list of outstanding producers on Curren$y’s project. Though Covert Coup is only a little over 30 minutes – every minute is worthwhile. The only complaint one can make is that it’s too short, which in essence isn’t a bad thing. When the music is this good, it’s natural to yearn for more.
Jets foo.

BBS:  4.75/5
The Type: 5/5
Blood Sweat And Gears: 4.25/5
Life Instructions (feat Smoke DZA)4.25/5
Smoke Break: 4.5/5
Scottie Pippen (feat Freddie Gibbs)4.5/5
Ventilation: 4/5
Double 07: 4.5/5
Success Is My Cologne: 4.5/5
Full Metal: 4.75/5


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  1. Nice review, I totally agree with the Freddie Gibbs statement about him outdoing Spitta on Scottie Pippen. Loved his verse.

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