Fabolous: The Soul Tape Review

Pain: 3/5
Wolves In Sheep: 3.5/5
Really Tho: 3.5/5
That’s Not Love: 3.75/5
Leaving You: 3.5/5
In The Morning: 3/5 (the latina girl has a sexy voice, that’s pretty much the only redeeming quality about Fab’s version of this song)
Drugs (Do This To Me): 3.75/5 (“Drugs” – Lil Kim sample? I think so)
Yall Don’t Hear Me Tho: 3.75/5
Phone Numbers: 3.5/5
Mo Brooklyn Mo Harlem Mo Southside: 4/5
Riseling & Rolling Papers: 4/5
Slow Down: 4/5
Pay Back Music: 3/5 (bad punchlines all throughout this song)
*BONUS You Be Killin Em Pt 2: 3.75/5

     This tape does nothing for me. I came into this mixtape like I try to come into every album/mixtape – with no expectations. It makes for a more fair review. After listening to this piece, I don’t think any more or less of Fabolous as a rapper, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s definitely not good either. He’s not re-inventing himself. He’s not progressing as an artist. He seems complacent where he’s at as a hit-or-miss punchline rapper. This is not a bad release by any means, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for Fabolous’ music. It’s just incredibly complacent. And to me, that’s not good enough. This is an extremely subjective review but maybe it’s necessary for a rapper who’s been trying the same formula for a decade now.

3.5/5 Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad…but it isn’t impressive in the slightest either.

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