5COIN is the cryptocurrency that powers's donation system!
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5COIN is the cryptocurrency that powers’s donation system!

After donating USD (or your local currency) to TOP5RAPWEBSITE, you will receive 5COIN. There is no further action needed from you after receiving your 5COIN – your donation will be processed and your 5COIN will be held in your wallet as proof-of-donation!

Why Donate Using 5COIN?

Donating in this manner incentives both you and I! For You, you can securely process a donation to TOP5RAPWEBSITE, and as an added benefit you will also receive the 5COIN cryptocurrency.

What Can I Do With 5COIN?

As the donor, you may treat this 5COIN simply as a receipt/proof-of-donation, or you can buy/sell this coin in the cryptocurrency marketplace!

How Does This Work?

If you simply want to leave a kind donation for TOP5RAPWEBSITE, then you may skip this portion. Your donation will be securely processed and received  and no further action from you is needed with your 5COIN

But for more industrious donors, there are market opportunities in 5COIN: Because 5COIN‘s value is pegged to, if the value of TOP5RAPWEBSITE increases (views, sponsors, ads, etc), theoretically, so will the price of 5COIN. This means that if you donated to TOP5RAPWEBSITE early and held your 5COIN, you may sell the 5COIN for profit! This is a new,  inventive way to source donations and crowdfunding. 

Thank you for supporting TOP5RAPWEBSITE!

– Troy, Founder of

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