Batsauce Beat Series – A Year of Beats

For the past year, German producer Batsauce has been releasing one new beat a day for a year straight, yesterday was Day 365. Finding enough time, resources, and samples to craft a new beat everyday for a year is a feat in and of itself, but when you take into account the Batsauce is an independent artist it makes the milestone that much more impressive. Independent and underground music is a struggle today and it was a struggle ten years ago, so when indie artist release quality music in large quantities like Batsauce has done for free, they gain tons of respect from me. I appreciate the hustle and I appreciate musicians who continue to release quality music even though they haven’t “blown up” yet. I appreciate musical integrity in my artists and I appreciate journalistic integrity. Not posting this would be disrespectful to the artist trying to get his name out, I’d like to think I have a bit more integrity than that. Thank you Batsauce.

Batsauce Beat of the Day Soundcloud

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