Why there are Gangs in America (specifically Los Angeles)

This is relatively why there are gangs in Los Angeles.


US Government: Oh snap, Black people are bonding together and helping each other out, let’s break em up!

*puts tabs on MLK*

US Government: Lol

Black on black crime is low, crime in the lower parts of town is low.

*unjustly kills Fred Hampton*
*unjustly kills Black Panther leaders*
*police brutality*

Since the Black Panther party has been destroyed by the US Govt, Blacks must form their own form of protection and stay together…

Black are left bamboozled.

US Government: Show no mercy on dem blacks yadig.

J Edgar Hoover: happy
Daryl Gates: happy

*extreme police brutality*

Blacks: Wtf.

*puts crack in the hood*

Black are forced to come together in a different way, this time even more angry. But the former Black Panthers are strung out on drugs. The Crips are formed by the younger generation, but have no guidance.

*kills police*
*deals drugs put in place by the govt*
*messes up the hood*

The Bloods are created as a counter force against the Crips.

*crime skyrockets*
*urban areas are a hell hole because of police, the U.S. Govt, and gangs*
*Urban LA turns to crap*



US Government: 

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